Customized Massage

If you have particular aches and pains, this massage is just what it says - customized to fit your needs. It is a combination of different types of massages tailored to you. 

Ashiatsu Massage 

"Ashi" meaning foot and "atsu" meaning pressure. You'll love this deep tissue massage that uses the feet to provide a more relaxing and longer lasting effect on the body! Use of the feet provides a broader and softer tool in order to give a deeper massage without being painful and sharp. Be prepared to be hooked!

Hot Stone Massage

Relax and detoxify with this fantastic modality by using hot (and/or cold) stones to melt your tissues! The heat from the stones allows for deeper awareness and relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

A must for a mom-to-be! Lie comfortably on your side with pillows to support you. The massage is geared toward relaxation and soothing sore muscles and the aches and pains that accompany pregnacy.

Couples Experience

A wonderful way to spend time together! After massages incorporated with essential oils and hot towels, enjoy some sparking cider and treats to complete the experience. *Currently unavailable.



Add on amazing dōTERRA essential oils catered to your needs. This service is complimentary!

AromaTouch Technique

A must in ultimate relaxation and balance. Light strokes are used to distribute 8 different dōTERRA essential oils along the spine, back, and feet. It helps to heal the body and bring it back to homeostasis. (adds 30 min)

Body Drench

Indulge and pamper yourself with luxurious coconut milk. After a massage or body treatment, warm coconut milk is poured all over you and gently massaged into your skin. It is amazing, hydrating, and a perfect add on to any treatment.

Scalp Treatment

dōTERRA Root to Tip Serum and Avocado Oil are massaged into your scalp, stimulating the hair follicles and hydrating the skin. The serum is made with a special blend of essential oils designed to rejuvenate your scalp. A hot towel is used to help open your pores to soak in all the goodness. (adds 30 min)


A modality focused on the feet where certain areas correspond to organs and specific areas of the body. A non-invasive way to work the entire body system. It includes a cleansing spray, moisturizing butter cream, and hot towels to soften and warm the feet. (adds 30 min)


Types of Massage

Have you ever wondered what types of massages there are? Here is a list of the types that Makana Massage offers.


A Traditional Chinese medicine modality. It is based in the 5 element theory (fire, earth, water, metal, and wood) involving therapeutic touch through meridians, or channels of energy. It is used to balance the body's energy, relieve pain, and promote general health.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A very relaxing technique that works with the tissue that surrounds bones of the skull and sacrum. By feeling for the cranial rhythm, we can assess restrictions and compressions, and help release them.

Deep Tissue Massage

A type of massage that incorporates both Swedish and Structural bodywork techniques. A great way to relieve tension.

Injury Massage

This massage includes a series of specific protocols for an area of injury to aid in your rehabilitation. It is also a great modality to receive even if you are without injury!


A modality focused on the feet where certain areas correspond to organs and specific areas of the body. A non-invasive way to work the entire body system. It includes a cleansing spray, moisturizing buttercream, and hot towels to soften and warm the feet.


A Japanese form of massage used to balance the energies of the body to promote healing and wellness. It is performed without the use of lotions or oils, with the client fully clothed. It incorporates soft tissue manipulation, meridian work, and gentle stretching to increase range of motion and balance in the body.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is a combination of other modalities used to address the needs of athletes, prevent injury, decrease recovery time, and enhance overall performance. Pre-event, Post-event, and Maintenance massage offered.

Structural/Alignment Therapy

An amazing modality that can change structural imbalances that contribute to pain or dysfunction in the body. It helps to balance the body through deep-tissue techniques.

Swedish Massage

A wonderful way to unwind and get away from it all. This therapeutic massage offers gentle compressions, kneading, and working through the stress in your muscles, leaving you blissfully and completely relaxed. Perfect for a first-timer!

Trigger Point Therapy

A technique that locates trigger points (or knots) in the body and works to release them and flush them out of your muscles.