Pi'ikea is an excellent therapist and really knows what she is doing; she gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. I felt completely relaxed and stress free when it was over. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

~ Erin P

Pi'ikea is hands down one of the hardest working massage therapists I know. She puts 150% into everything she does. Her focus on both her clients and her own technique is absolute. I was always impressed by her dedication to the work and to making a difference in the world, one body at a time. Pi'ikea would be an easy choice of someone I would want to work with as a massage therapist, and as a person.

~ Steve B

I have received a lot of bodywork from a lot of therapists. None have ever given me the sense of healing and relaxation that Pi'ikea has. She is aware of you, of your needs as a client, and focuses her attention on those needs. Whether she is doing incredibly deep work, or specialized treatment, her motions are never mechanical. Her intention is always for the best, which results in the best massage one could ever have. Thank you, Pi'ikea, for giving me my inspirational piece of the pie to a healthier, happier life.

~ Kat G

The massages I've received from Pi'ikea have been exceptional (both before I was pregnant and while I was expecting). I've had hundreds of massages in my life and I would prefer to go back to Pi'ikea time and time again. She has a quality touch and attention to detail like no one else. She really knows how to listen to me as a client and my needs and address them in efficient ways. Thanks for making me feel so great. Hope to see you soon. :)

~ Natasha I

Pi'ikea McVey is an amazing therapist! Her energy is soothing and comfortable. She definitely has unique talent! When she is working, it's specific to you and the muscles that need work resulting in relief and relaxation. I would highly recommend Pi'ikea to anyone seeking health and a renewed sense of energy. I was greatly satisfied with my massages. Whenever I leave, I feel energized and refreshed. I am definitely coming back for more!

~ Nicole M


I have seen Pi'ikea several times for different types of massages and have enjoyed each one. It is extremely relaxing and relieves stress. I especially enjoy the deep-tissue message. I am a tense person and have a hard time relaxing which causes my muscles to knot. Because of Pi'ikea's patience and great training, my tension and knots disappear after each session.

~ Mollie M